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IT Portfolio's innovative software development team continues to extend the boundaries of affordability, usability and integration.

Introducing Print4

Introducing Print4™.

Designed and developed by IT Portfolio, Print4 Online™ represents the leading edge of automated Managed Print Services “MPS”. Print4™ captures, manages, aggregates and disseminates information while allowing our dealer partners and customers a second generation view into the overall current and projected fleet performance. This second generation view extends beyond mere consumable delivery and fleet health by facilitating true intelligent print management.

Intelligent print management is a dynamic ever-changing process that creates efficiencies in hardware allocation, preventative replacement, and end user management. It provides end users with the right tool in the right place at the right time and lowers hard costs by reducing demand and creating efficiencies in work flow and service and product delivery.

Our extensive research in the area of print management has resulted in a unique end-to-end solution. Request an online demo today!

Print4™ Specs

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Introducing TraxIT

Introducing TraxIT™.

TraxIT™, is Resource Management Software that was designed to be easy to use, easy to train and easy to implement. TraxIT™'s primary purpose is to provide an affordable means for you to schedule, manage and coordinate multiple resources while simultaneously tracking service types and billing rates for both provider and client. Request an online demo today!

TraxIT™ Specs

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